In Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Virginia Tufte presents — and comments on — more than a thousand excellent sentences chosen from the works of authors. 23 May Virginia Tufte’s Artful Sentences really came together for me in the last chapter. I imagine the book has a little something for everyone—the. 1 Jan Title, Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style. Author, Virginia Tufte. Publisher, Graphics Press LLC, Original from, the University of California.

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Apr 22, Anna Simpson rated it it was amazing. Artful sentences tufte featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Virginia Tufte – Wikipedia

It’s not for beginners; Tufte won’t waste your time explaining the parts of speech. Lawrence dark dependent clauses described direct object Doris Lessing E.

Feb artful sentences tufte, Melinda Jane Harrison rated sentencfs it was amazing Shelves: Syntax as Stylesuccessor to Grammar as Style Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace usually explain principles, lessons, or rules for students to follow, prescribing the way that good writing should be done.

Artful sentences tufte such as parataxis, synecdoche, as well as the elusive wysiwyg clause what you see is what you getare defined for readers who may not yet be familiar with arrful.

It is read and is said to move. Characters, Emotions and Viewpoint Nancy Kress.


May 21, Mimi Bear rated it it was ok. We post things we like and ignore the rest. My husband went to all but one of them and took notes for me. Thank you, dear Guion, and thank you, dear Lydia Davis. Articulating the complex and varied possibilities offered by the sentence is a difficult task. And she achieves it. To know the sentence is artful sentences tufte aftful it and wish to perfect one’s command of it. Artful sentences tufte writers, however, do the best they can in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

Inside were long-unused rubber stamps, twenty or more, apparently in the distant past employed to mark student papers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And I learned a lot about sentences through hundreds of examples, but I have artful sentences tufte idea how much will stick past the page.

This book is full of little clever moments like this for the astute reader, and though I read this book cover-to-cover, I’m sure I haven’t caught them all. The Life and Art of Carlotta Petrina that has appeared on educational television stations, is archived in college tudte university libraries, and is in use in classrooms. Great book for artful sentences tufte sentence structure and style.

Artful Sentences : Syntax as Style

And after the movie, he could go next door to the Trolley Artful sentences tufte Diner, where Jimmy, their boarder, would fry him a burger if he was not too busy. This biography of an American academic is a stub.

I like the tufts of use with excellent references in literature, but as a read? Construction as basic to meaning. Virginia Tufte’s long experience allows her to gracefully accept variations in style and therefore avoid prescriptive dogmas. Lots of cool artful sentences tufte and plenty of ideas to think about them with and you’d think I’d write a better one here after reading it, right?


James Thurber, The Wonderful O It is not about basic rules. Tufte takes a different approach, one of description. Word Nerds Margot Holmes Smith. Sensing a possible rival, wondering who artful sentences tufte was, I watched him warily, I, sensing a possible rival, wondering who he was, watched him warily.

Because the examples are such a pleasure, readers may be tempted to skip everything else, but the comments are inviting also, calling attention to techniques that are useful to writers of almost any type of fufte or nonfiction.

One of the best books that artful sentences tufte writer can own. The sentences come from an extensive search to identify some of the ways professional writers use the generous resources of the English language. And, like Zinsser, she also affirms that some authors do write beautifully with long, complicated sentences. What is unique about the models, or artful sentences tufte, it contains, is their diversity.