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Church Planting Is for Wimps. January 17, by Andy Naselli. That’s the provocative title of a little book I recently couldn’t put down once I started reading it. Church Planting Is for Wimps has ratings and 49 reviews. Jamie said: McKinley uses an easy-to-read, anecdotal style in the book, and much of the book. We are reminded that God uses weak and fearful pastors in plants and revitalizations; church planting is indeed for “wimps.” For pastors and seminarians.

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His emphasis is first and foremost the preaching of the gospel, but with a strong focus as well on ” establishing a clear membership list, adopting a concise and solid statement of faith, and establishing biblical leadership.

And the good news is that God loves to use ordinary church planters who are willing to be faithful in order to grow these kinds of extraordinary churches.

It was helpful seeing the importance of being connected with another dhurch church as opposed to planting solo ; McKinley had the support of Capitol Hill and the godly consult of Mark Dever and the other elders who provided much needed guidance, encouragement and support every step of the way. While church marketing strategies come and go, God’s Word remains the same. Revitalization of the American Church is not only needed, but as McKinley convincingly argues, is wise.

Review of Church Planting is For: Wimps by Mike McKinley

This volume tells the story of the revitalization of Guilford Baptist Church in northern Virginia. It doesn’t put things in a glamorous light, but it is honest and I think portrays a reality that is more present than the glitz and glamor of the mega-church.

Key Features Presents a helpful resource for pastors and seminarians considering a church plant Weaves together Wikps and biblical principles with humor and personal anecdotes Reminds readers that God uses weak and fearful pastors in plants and revitalizations.

Dec 21, Daniel Lopez rated it it was amazing Shelves: A well thought and researched post about this topic. It’s the tone of quasi-condescension and sarcasm that can be helpful at times but also draining to those in the hard work of ministry. Apr 16, Seth Channell rated it really liked it. It seems like in the next 20 years as many small but well-placed churches die off, more jobs will become available in such scenarios.


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Unfortunately that tone, while it shifted some, kept creeping back in to the chapters. This books takes it a bit deeper from the practical side of things and you get a look into real issues olanting faced. We are reminded that God uses weak and fearful pastors in plants and revitalizations; church planting is indeed for “wimps.

Review of Church Planting is For: Wimps by Mike McKinley – Borrowed Light

He has many thoughts throughout the book that are a challenge to many contemporary ideas about what the institutional church should look like. Jul 15, Talbott rated it really liked it. However, I almost put the book down one chapter in because of the tone in which parts were written. An excellent book—especially for church planters, but even helpful for pastors in their early years of ministry.

Being involved in a church plant currently, I found the book a bit scary in places as well as super-encouraging in others.

chugch The book is written as memoir of McKinley’s experiences in replanting a church and it was very readable. To ask other cjurch questions about Church Planting Is for Wimpsplease sign up. I enjoyed it and learned much from it. I appreciated his commitment to real ministry that focused on a multi-generational church and not just a trendy demographic.

Comparatively, revitalizing a dead or dying church is much more difficult. But it is not simply good writing that makes this book phenomenal. Faithlife TV A Christian video library. When my former pastor from Capitol Hill Baptist, Mark Dever, called one morning and asked dhurch to aimps him that day on the seminary campus, I felt reluctant.

While Mike McKinley affirms the need for new Church start ups, the bulk of the book deals with the need for Church Revitalization. You get to both tear down a bad witness to qimps gospel in a community and then erect a good one in its place. In other words, it reads refreshingly like a conversation wims a man who’s eager to honor God in the mission of the church, but is limping along just like the reader. Well, churches should be extraordinary.


It also meant skipping my fifteen-minute afternoon nap, which was often the only thing lying between me and the abyss. First off, I want to have lunch with this dude. Should You Buy It? It is a great book for those interested in church planting or church revitalization.

This wonderful little tome, however, gives the feel of sitting across the table from the author and picking his brain on his experience of revitalizing a church and the lessons he learned.

Church Planting Is for Wimps

If you want to think, learn, and laugh all at once, read this book. I meant the title as a good-natured poke. It was an encouraging and enjoyable read. McKinley lists pplanting qualities that are essential for men to become leaders in the church: May 06, Matt Eachus rated it liked it. Mike is married to Karen, and they have five children. Overview This volume tells the story of the revitalization of Guilford Baptist Church in northern Virginia.

Church Planting Is for Wimps?

This book hopes to break that mold. A good read about church planting with a “twist. The title is a bit misleading. Mike wonderfully pens it down bringing the practical application and his personal experience together in church planting. He walks us through the difficulties and they are many of doing something like this.

When he did, we started with a few moments of chitchat, but he turned to business pretty quickly.