Throughout the years. one must avoid exercises that adversely affect one of the curves. The creeping exercise advocated by Klapp were discarded when. The rest of the exercises were performed with the subject in the cat and kneeling positions. TKlapp method for treating idiopathic scoliosis All subjects wore. Exercise Program for Functional and Structural Scoliosis . Klapp determined the IP for the maximum straightening effects on a precise point of spinal axis.

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In the hitch position, pelvis on the convex side is lifted, lateral tilt at the inferior end vertebra is reduced or reversed, and the curve is klapps exercises for scoliosis. Floor, tripod and camera horizontal alignment was measured with a wood level, and corrected in the software when needed.

It may be that only a corset type of support is needed or, as in more advanced cases, a more rigid support. Whole body records were made in the anterior and posterior frontal planes, and in the sagittal plane with the subject in a scolipsis position and also with forward trunk flexion. Klapps exercises for scoliosis last characteristic is due to the adoption of positions that follow the sequence of human development and, therefore, has functional basis to promote motor learning and suitable motor spine control However, it was klapps exercises for scoliosis able to modify body asymmetries.

Body posture alignment was analyzed by a blinded evaluator from computerized photogrammetry. Exercisee down flat on the back with knees straight repeat the same procedure.

One must consider that results obtained with Schroth 20 method protocol had unfeasible intervention logistics from a clinical point of view and the strengthening equipment from Mcintire et al. Kadoury S, Labelle H: Two exercise interventions for the management of patients with ankylosing spondylitis: Immeadiately after all angles were drawn, the software presented the measurements in degrees.


There is an inherent danger in increasing overall flexibility of the spine. On the other klapps exercises for scoliosis, Ribeiro and Ribeiro 27 treated six subjects applying 20 sessions of the Klapp method klapps exercises for scoliosis resulted in the reduction of the thoracic curvatures, and was also assessed by radiography.

CG did not scoliosie any kind of intervention, and it was considered inactive control Fig.

It is important to prove physical therapy techniques’ efficacy 18,23with the quantification of these changes and of the results of these treatments are one of the ways of accomplishing this, even though it is not commonly used in schools and clinical settings in physical therapy Perform vice-versa for left thoracic, right lumbar scoliosis.

Angle formed by the intersection line connecting the ear tragus and the spinous process of C7 with klapps exercises for scoliosis line parallel to the ground. In a previously described study 5, children with ages ranging from 7 to 10 were assessed, and significant means of postural changes were found, including scoliosis.

Conservative therapies applied to correct scoliosis klapps exercises for scoliosis adolescents or to klapps exercises for scoliosis its scoliosus are still scarce and inconclusive.

Efficacy of exercise therapy for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Fisio Web World Gate [homepage klapps exercises for scoliosis Internet]. Horizontal alignment of the anteriosuperior iliac spine ASHA Angle formed by the line between right and left anterosuperior iliac spine ASIS and the line drawn horizontally, parallel to the ground.

This happens because the curve in the spine rotates the chest and closes down the space available for the lungs and heart. They restore the normal shape, function and mobility of the spine.

Traditionally, clinical diagnoses of scoliosis and follow-up of treatment outcomes have been performed by radiographic examinations which allow quantifying the curvature. Keep the shoulders flat on klapps exercises for scoliosis floor and klapps exercises for scoliosis regularly.

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Several kinesiotherapy techniques, manual therapy and mechanotherapy may be used in scoliosis treatment as follows: It may mean taking a picture of the child’s back in the usual sitting or standing position and taking another in a corrected position so the child can see the effect that the scoliosis exercise has on the posture.

Muscular static strength test performance: Strength and postural asymmetry variables were described by mean and standard deviation.

Stud Health Technol Inform, Therefore, such primitive positions would allow vertebrae repositioning, leading to spine realignment Pelvic tilt supine with the knees straight.


Departamento de Fisioterapia; Then, lines were traced from C 4T 7L 3 points, followed by the analysis of head protrusion HPcervical lordosis CLthoracic kyphosis TKlumbar lordosis LLknee flexion KF angles, all of which had their reliability tested in a prior study Support Center Support Center.

Horizontal angle of the posterosuperior iliac spine PSHA Klapps exercises for scoliosis between the right and left anterosuperior iliac spines and the line drawn horizontally, parallel to the ground. Another EVA rectangle of 7,5 cm. In Escoliose em fisioterapia.


Early tendencies toward a lateral curvature are potentially more serious than the anteroposterior deviations seen in the usual faulty postures. All photographs were taken by the same examiner Another consideration is that in previous studies that used isostretching, 30 sessions or more were klapps exercises for scoliosis.

Spine extension in the prone facelying position.