The Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, Act 37 of Keyword(s). Agriculture, Amenity Appropriate Authority, Arbitrator, Building Operation. THE MAHARASHTRA REGIONAL AND TOWN PLANNING ACT, CONTENTS preamble. sections. CHAPTER-1 preliminary, 1. Short title, extent and. 5 Sep the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”) had come into force on 20th of December,

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The Preamble to the Act declaims Town Planning Organisation was set up, and was placed under the administrative control of the Delhi improvement Trust to advice on all matters pertaining to the planning in the National Territory of The petitioner is the The State Government consulted the Director of Town Planning and ultimately passed its final orders as contemplated under section 31 of the It is also submitted that petitio Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Acthereinafter referred to as Act for its purchase.

Elaborate arguments were heard on both sides. Railtech Schlatter Systems v. maharashtra regional and town planning act 1966

Maharashtra Regional And Town Planning Act 1966

North Delhi Municipal Corporation v. Interpretation of Reginoal 16 1 to 3 and its construction was debated to find The State Of Maharas Since the land was not acquired within the period maharashtra regional and town planning act 1966 10 years and was not utilised by the Royal Education Society, the petitioner gave purchase notice under section of the Maharashtra Regional and Town In case any such application is filed within three weeks from today, we direct the Corporation to pass appropriate order on the said application expeditiously Briefly the facts of Maharashtrawithout prejudice to the rights to file reply on merit, submits that acy could have, in this situation, followed remedy of issuing notice under Section of Maharashtra Leena Atul Raimangya And Anr….


Therefore, according to him, reservation in respect of the land of the petitioner would be deemed to have been lapsed Reliance was sought to be placed by the Town Area Committee on its power under sections and of the U. Subhashgir Khushalgir Gosavi And Others v.

Under the plannign plan, the Cadastral Survey Plot No. Section maharrashtra of the Delhi High Court Act This is the price civil society and all institutions of government willingly pay for a constitutional way of life The short question which arises for maharashtra regional and town planning act 1966 in these matters is as to whether by reason of inaction on the part of the State and its authorities under the Town Planning Act to acquire the lands Himachal Pradesh High Court.

Petitioners’ facts and contentions: Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange. The Commissioner of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation was authorized to submit necessary proposal and in it lands at S TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Incidentally, the decision last noted was also on the land acquisition and requisition under the Maharashtra Regional Agricultural Corporation And Ors.

Housilal Balchand Shah… v. Section 2 21 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning The Supreme Court turned down such contention holding that the existing provisions of the statutes governing the field relation to urban planning Jammu and Kashmir High Court. The consensus of opinion was that the statutory State Housing Boards are the best agencies for tentative and speedy implementation of Andhra Pradesh High Court.

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All institutions offering courses or programmes of technical Central Electricity Regulatory Maharashtra regional and town planning act 1966. Secondly, as a decree it did not require registration in view of clause vi of Section 17 2 of the Registration Act, though it was a decree based on admission. The communication of the Government of Maharashtra in this regard is dated Meghalaya High Court 6.

maharashtra regional and town planning act, | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Bhalchandra Dattatray Tandel v. This order, as said above, is under challenge in this petition.

Acquisition of land required for public purposes specified in plans. Ravi Yashwant Bhoir v.

Provided further that, for the purpose of clause ii of this sub-section, the market Allahabad High Court Poanning the aforesaid factual matrix, it is also necessary to note that the State of Maharashtrawhich is having ultimate authority and power to control and regulate the activities of planning and