HP Application LifeCycle Management (ALM) is the latest incarnation of flagship test management tool Quality Center (QC); These tutorials are designed for. This file provides the following information about Mercury Quality Center .. If you run the test set in the Automatic Runner, only one of the two manual tests. QC Tutorial for beginners – Learn QC (Quality Center) in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Architecture.

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Once the execution is started. Nancy May 11, at 4: Click Save As in the Attachments view for the entity to which the XML file is attached, and save the file to a local folder.

We generate the graph in the test lab for daily report and sent to the on site where ever you want to deliver 5. With web Inspect, auditors, kercury officers and security experts can perform security assessments on a web enabled application. This module is used for creating the tests automatically or manually for all mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial requirements to do the same one has to create a folder, under that.

E-Mail will not be published required. This occurs when a test is covered by both a parent requirement and its child requirements. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Mercury Quality Center Interview Questions

The information regarding a Quality center is quite good but it will be even much better that if we have more about quality center tools that how we use quality center if we have some pictorial represtation that would be much help ful but i realy want to thank to all of you mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial tells us about the quality center.

If you are using Winrunner, you need to make sure that backward compatibility property of the application to true.

Once mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial execution is completed one can analyze the Results in the Functional tool QTP it centeg and if at all wuality can identify the Defects and need to post themhe can do it from the Functional tool itself, other wise, go to next module by name Defects Module.

Subscribe to Software Testing Times Enter your email address: To check the spelling in a memo field, use the tab corresponding to that field in the pane at the bottom of the Quality Center window.

In the same way one has to create all the tests. Enter your email address: To allow API scripts to connect to newly-created projects, two new functions have been added: To log mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial to a new project, use these functions in your script after project creation to add users to the project.

Execution times for a business process test qality in the Last Run Results may not be accurate.

HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

Users will not be able to perform operations mercurj this domain, for example, creating a project in it. This module acts like Bug Tracking tool and provides all the facilities to manage the defects mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial Adding the defects, changing the status of defects etc.

The search will not find words tutoriql mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial in the stoplist for the language in which the search is being performed. The right hand pane will have tabs for writing the steps, mapping to requirements, description, expected result etc.

If two users work concurrently on the same GUI map files, the changes of one user overwrite the changes of the other user. Under Requirements Tab, you can organize the project requirements.

Mercury Quality Centre

The new step name and expected value items mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial not included in the comment text. It has two tabs a Tests coverage b Details Test coverage tab will be selected by default or you click on it. Mercury disclaims any responsibility for specifying which marks are owned by which companies or which organizations. Reconnect to the Quality Center project in the testing tool. Due to a limit of nine header levels in Microsoft Word, only the first nine hierarchical mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial are listed in the document Table of Contents.

Vijaya February 18, at 3: Automatic Reports and Graphs generator. Rename the component to different name and then return it to the component name you want with the tutorizl capitalization. This applies when working with an existing project where the repository is stored in the database.

Mercury Quality Center Readme

The main changes are: Two kinds of requirements are available in TD. Test lab is a part mercyry Quality Centre where we can execute our test on different cycles creating test tree for each one of them. You cans elect any test case you want to map with your requirements. Automatic Traceability Matrix 3.

All these activities are provided from a single tool, which is web-based and can be accessed from any where. Other Mercury Tools for Software Testing: