eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is an SAP Testing Tool used to automate & test business scenarios in SAP R/3. Each test that was executed on. eCATT is a tool for software test automation developed by SAP. eCATT offers a graphical user interface with ABAP script editor and its own command syntax. I would like to share some of my experiences with eCATT, in which am currently Aided Test Tool (eCATT) which is built is testing tool to test SAP system.

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You can find very good documentation in sdn. The person, who implements these programs, have to be sure that such damage does not happen. Holds the number of records. With this we have finished the process of declaring and assigning variables. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.

This is done by opening the Dynpro menu and going through each numbered screen to review your input. With this we have finished recording. Other wise it won’t work. In that command dropdown box choose TDC Record option. This is mainly used to test the configuration settings of a business process. Hello friends my name is Prasad Babu. It is always preferred to name the custom script name by starting with Z or Y.

We must now set the default mode for each time the Test Configuration is wcatt. Enter name edatt email address below:. The capability for recording and for parameterizing the test components is also present.


The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. Version number can be used to maintain different program constructs under same program name. The main reasons for this are reusability and maintainability.

SAP eCATT Step by Step Guide

Convert the same Excel file to text file to upload during the execution. If the testing is successful without any errors log, we can say that the business scenario mapped in SAP is correct. Then create local variables in eCATT with the same name as the screen field technical name. And their respective technical screen field values are.

How to load test data from a file in 4. Select the material views, organizational elements as required and follow the views of the material master. So we need to declare some intermediate variables they are.

This appears since we did not create a Test Container. Now click on the SAVE icon and save as a local object or place into a development class package so that it can be transported. Permalink Nov 14, You can choose your Error behavior.

Permalink May 11, I would like to share some of my experiences with eCATT, in which am currently working on. This sample code explains how to read, and pass values eecatt the screen. Creating Test Data Containers [16]. SCAT transaction which was now obsolete, where extensively used till 4. Created by Guestlast modified by Former Member on Nov 14, As with the CATT the foreground method of execution is very helpful when trying to troubleshoot errors in the test script.

After declaring all the parameter it will look like this, After declaring aap local variables we need to assign them to screen field values. So sao precise in this article you will see what eCATT is, how we can use it; how edatt can load a test data from a file in 4. Execution of every test script ends with a log, which explains the results of the test script. Graphic Design by Round the Bend Wizards. Join the Mailing List.


After reading this article you will have a clear idea about eCATT ecatr.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The message appears at the bottom of the screen. We promise a no-obligation consulting reply. And be careful while recording, if not recording may fail.

In this Example I have given same name as Test Script. Now we will see how to program and run the script successfully. Insert the respective required field and save the recording.

I am giving sample code to get the number of dcatt from file in eCATT. The test configuration will normally default to the background. After declaring the local variables we need to assign them to screen field values.

Sap ecatt consultant Jobs

After reading this blog, you will have understanding about eCATT tool. To develop edatt test script in eCATT we need to follow the following steps, 1. Enter the name of the Test Script you would like to execute. Permalink Jun 11,