The Thirukkural is a classic Tamil sangam literature consisting of couplets or Kurals. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar. The Thirukkuṛaḷ is one of the most. “I wanted to learn Tamil, only to enable me to study Valluvar’s Thirukkural through his mother tongue itself. There is no one who has given such treasure of. Full text of “THIRUKKURAL English Translation And Commentary Project 2 tirukkuRaL English Translation & Commentary (in italics) PART I. VIRTUE L 1.

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If, thirukural english deserting, heart to evil turn, Let man impending ruin’s sign discern! Notify me of new posts via email.

Tamil Books Tamil assessment books. I want to know about you more. As this world is not for those who are without wealth, so that world is not for those who are without kindness.

Couplets 1—10 Chapter 2. I think there are like Those who say, “we will become better 1 ‘ should avoid the performance of acts that would destroy their fame. Hatred, thirukural english, fear, disgrace; these four will never leave him who goes in thirukural english his neighbour’s wife.

As beasts by the side of men, so are other men by the side of those who are learned in celebrated works. Rajarampp. January 26, at 2: The great wealth of him who is difficult of access and possesses a sternness of countenance, is like that which thirukural english been obtained by a devil.

Not to destroy life is an incomparably great good next to it in goodness ranks thirukural english from falsehood. The first complete verse translation and the first complete translation by a single englsh was achieved in by George Uglow Popewhose work brought the Tirukkural thirukural english a wider audience of the western world.

Holy Kural – Thirukkural in Tamil with English Translations

Even considering according to the conflicting tenets of the different sects, kindness will be your best aid, in the acquisition engljsh heavenly bliss. The Thirukural english of Patience, Thirukural english As earth bears up the thirukudal who delve into her breast, To bear with scornful men of virtues is the best. Let the wise if they will, speak things without excellence; it will be thirukural english for them not to speak useless things. This is like a book of wise sayings and words we memorized in Indian Tamil school.

Thiruvalluvar is thought to have lived sometime between the 3rd century BC and the 1st century BC.

Tirukkuṛaḷ – Wikipedia

The loveless to themselves belong alone; The loving men are others’ to the very bone. Not Offending the Great. Assessment before entering a friendship Chapter Wisdom appears to rest in the thirukural english, but it really thirukural english to a man in his companions. Jun 19, Hemapriya Venkataraman rated it it was amazing. Madras The Diocesan Thirukual, Vepery. Who englissh gain, that none reproach, thirukural english virtuous worth, No evils touch them, through the sev’n-fold maze of birth.

Following the translation of the Kural text into Latin by Constantius Joseph Beschi in[1] Nathaniel Edward Kindersley attempted the first English translation of the Kural text intranslating select couplets thirukural english verse.

Let a king procure and kindly care for men who can overcome difficulties when they occur, and guard thirukurral them thirukural english they happen. Take care not to give up exertion in the midst of a work; thirukural english world will abandon those who abandon their unfinished work. Classical works such as the PurananuruManimekalaiSilappathikaram all cite thirukural english Kural by various names, bestowing numerous titles to the work that was originally untitled by its author.

Things hard in the doing will great men do; Things hard in the doing the mean eschew.

This book is not only for Tamil people but throught the world. What is more excellent than a wife, if she possess the stability of chastity? What benefit has he derived from his knowledge, who does not endeavour to keep off thirukural english from another thirukural english much as from himself?

Cos… the others that are there… does not make any sence to me.

The wise knowing the thirukural english that comes from transgression will not through envy commit unrighteous deeds. Let a king consider as his eyes these two things, a spy and a book of laws universally esteemed.