2 Jan TRADOC Reg , Prevention of Heat and Cold Causalities, water followed by a rinse in clean, fresh water (USSOCOM Reg , para. Training requirements are established in this publication, USASOC Regulation , and applicable SOAR policies. Aircraft material requirements are specified . USSOCOM Fact Book. 4. USSOCOM Mission. Provide fully capable Special Operations Forces to defend the United States and its interests. Synchronize.

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All Role players must have cultural knowledge of Afghanistan, Syria, and Africa operating environments. Provide realistic ussocom 350-6 scenarios that closely replicate the characteristics of the environments encountered by Special Operations Forces SOF during ongoing combat operations overseas.

Be comfortable operating around military working dogs f. The ussocom 350-6 will be responsible for providing all support required to achieve the stated tasks required of the role players.

The MICC FT Ussocomm is issuing this sources sought synopsis as a means of conducting market reseach to identify parties ussocom 350-6 an interest and the resources to support this requirement from 25 February – 14 March There will be a hour operations cycle for a minimum of 6 personal beginning 25 February – 06 March ; usscom minimum of 40 roll players from 06 March – 14 March Any specific support required of the client must be specifically delineated in the contract.

A minimum of 4 ussocom 350-6 players must be master-breacher qualified and have Tier-1 Operator experience as a primary customer for Special Operations support in an OCO capacity.

Company must ensure all role players are made aware that Military Working Dogs will be used during event, in close proximity to all training. Coordinate and fund Local Enforcement Agency LEA off-duty personnel to isolate the identified target 35-06 in urban environments at H-Hour or on-site minus 6-hours 4. Provide a single point of contact that has the authority to manage all ussocom 350-6 role players and opposing force OPFOR services during ussoccom phases ussocom 350-6 training.


The role players must follow the clear guidance and understand the objectives and intent of training in order ussocom 350-6 ensure the training objectives are met. The facilities must provide ussocom 350-6 following capabilities: Ussoco, Player Requirements a.

Lead LNO must have corporate management experience. The contractor shall provide the required training support in accordance with the specific mission requirements identified in this document.

Sleeping bags to provide ussocom 350-6 players additional warmth as needed Government furnished property GSP: Sensitive Site 30-6 v.

Contractor organization must understand specific training objectives and scenario design. Emailing spreadsheet “trackers” around the office is a pain. This requirement is critical to the overall safety and mission accomplishment of the exercise.

The training schedule will be dynamic and the contractor must provide above listed handlers and one Liaison Officer to support concurrent planning, preparation, and execution of sequential training events with the ECG as required.

Provide ussocim logistical and administrative coordination before, during, and after training event ussocom 350-6 order to facilitate unit’s efforts towards training focus. Provide scenarios and problems that are realistic ussocom 350-6 effectively exercise individual Special Operations Forces adaptability and leadership capability under extreme stress.

Contractor organization must have prior experience with providing role-player support to other Army or Ussocom 350-6 Operations ussocom 350-6 within the last 4 months. These Role players will be expected to perform similar physical duties as Soldiers.

Ussocom manual 6 – keannoh’s soup

Tue, Jan 29, 3: Ussocpm a partisan join-up in vicinity of the Port of Miami iii. During the conduct of the exercise, the contractor must maintain full-time representation at the Joint Tactical Operations center at Gainesville, Florida. Sustainment of a man surveillance and reconnaissance team SR and equipment ussocom 350-6 up udsocom 96 hours ii.

Fulfill LNO duties necessary in order to create a sole source point of contact for ECG in order ussocom simplify their efforts in utilizing any aspect of training targets. Be available to fulfill an advisory role for training scenario development, tactical scenario set up and execution, target zone consideration and set up, situational safety ussocom 350-6, and after action review analysis.


Company must have recent prior experience in the delivery of foreign role players on target for military organizations. Contractor will provide all necessary equipment to conduct 18 days of training to include: Contractor organization must have past ussocom 350-6 with useocom, multi-day SOF role player training scenario programs ussocom 350-6 the last 4 months.

The contracting company must ensure lodging, per-diem, flight reservations, travel to ussocom 350-6 from the training sites, and any other costs not mentioned, with the overall bid and are setup at the contractor’s expense and effort.

Ussocom 350-6 and funding of maritime Infiltration platform with the following requirements i. This Statement of Work describes the work necessary to effectively support the robust and dynamic stated training objectives and ussocom 350-6 the commander’s intent for training.

Mechanical and explosive breaching iii.

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A minimum of 40 Role players required. Coordination and Reporting Tasks a. Provide all on site logistics ussocom 350-6 and arrangements for contractors and cadre with the ECG. Experience in this environment is one of the greatest risk mitigation factors for the Commands approval to execute the Ussocom 350-6.

Army Battle Dress Uniforms for 4 role player interpreters. Place and Period of Performance: This is crucial to the successful execution of the STX due to the large scale coordination with city officials, first responders, ussocom 350-6 public safety officials.

Training will consist of 6 Full Mission Profile targets lasting the duration of the exercise as well as multiple partisan and POL establishing events. Ussofom, synchronize and exercise supporting role players and equipment during all appropriate phases of operations to effectively replicate ussocom 350-6 typical combat mission profile currently being ussocom 350-6 overseas.