Deep down, Fudge knows Dumbledore’s much cleverer than he is a much more powerful wizard, and in the early days of his Ministry he was forever asking Dumbledore. I provided the FCC info you stated didn’t exist and I also provided a link to the drivers. I think that you may have prefer to change of laptop, but I dare to bother you again to have some news. Saturday, December 29, Please contact Proxim for further assistance. Not very helpful, I’m afraid, but at least straight from one of the developers!

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Tommy came by him and stirred them into a cheerful glow and then busied himself by the liquor cabinet, putting a drink together.

Since they are “open source” drivers, it ought to be possible to alter them to work on 2. Maybe if we modify the. I’ve read that you tried the 7. I will not be purchasing any more products containing their equipment! Unfortunately, my machine code skills are stuck in the dark days of 8-bit machines, and hacking the Agere driver is beyond my abilities!


Here is their website: If only we could persuade the Orinoco driver project to support Hermes 2 as well! I will let you know how I get on! Unknown device c One of the developers did hint as,ey time ago that they might look in to Hermes 2 support, but I got the impression that this was a pretty low priority! Solutions that asey tried but i don’t know wether they didn’t work because they simply don’t work or because i’m a newbie and i do something wrong Drivers are defined as Linux native drivers, so no Linuxant driverloader or Askey, The Orinoco driver project is at: It was originally designed by Lucent, who were then spun off as Agere.

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My card was actually manufactured by Askey, but they too refuse to respond to e-mails, as do Agere. I have to confess that I have given up to try to use it for 5 months, but I’m going to try again now.

I’m sorry if you are fed up with that topic. He had ruptured a small capillary. The most complete information I have found has been at: Asante website-“unsupported linux driver Askey, Asante website-“unsupported linux driver Askey. I will continue my searchs.


Askey WLL070

They won’t compile at all under 2. You’ve managed to find a few more clues that add to my findings. If I may refer to the chart There is a lot of confusion in the wlan driver area caused by manufacturers using the same model numbers for their cards, even when they have changed the chipsets to types incompatible with earlier versions!

Here is their answer: If you find an answer please let me know! However, I am still on the Orinico drivers mailing list which seems to be showing signs of life after a long period of inactivity.

Excuse me for all the mistakes i do: I think, it’s a mistake. Fortunately someone has now written open source drivers for this which work well. Something to do with living on an island, I guess! Askey Wll Driver Installation Wizard 5. Actually, I have some doubts, but I want to try.