I want to connect to my phones DUN service from my tablet to access internet. Hi Mirko, great app, but any further word on this issue? The listed devices are all those paired in the android settings; to remove phones you need to discard the pairing in the bluetooth options. This will launch the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. Since the BDM version 6 and above launched,you can tethering via USB between BB and PC, there is mobile internet in the pull down menu, simply select your Telco, then hit the connect, and you are connected and start tethering, it’s simpler than BT tethering. Verify that the Dial-Up Networking is checked. Window Vista Card PM.

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Apr 21 From all I have read, I should be able to connect this way but am having difficulty doing so.

But the salesgirl there told me no more unlimited plan for maxis, its now 6GB only. Install new version 2. After spending just a few minutes, you can now sync up your calendars and contacts — also, you can back up and restore when you need to!


You won’t get your data i.

DeadObjectException I’s a great app. James Grant-Rosenhead April 2, at It’s via blue tooth tethering, if you insist to use BT, this is the method, but please have your blackberry power charged as BT will drain your BB’s battery fast.

And in case that it would be resolved and work in version 2. I’m getting “Enter PIN code to connect to via bluetooth” dialog while trying to connect to the phone from the application devices list, though the devices have already been paired before app launch. October 30, at 1: Also, possibly with noting Reboot both phone and pc after installation. I will search for it. Bpuetooth, when connection is established, this particular tablet takes about mA, but when it tries to connect to temporarily unavailable phone BT, current raised to mA.

How to setup Bluetooth Internet Tethering on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

I try to connect my nexus 7 with blackberry but it didn’t work, bluevpn said: Smart plan RM68 yes. Your feedback is totally appreciated.

P What I meant was try to get back to the topic related to BB tethering in this thread. See the additional information on how to pair a Bluetooth device.


Bluetooth Pairing your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer and BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Be sure you place it in the root Library folder and not the Library folder associated with your User folder. Off Modem Line Feed: Have you double check your bills? October 1, at 9: Youtube loads quite fast.

Please enter the answer to the supplied question.

BlueDUN / BlueVPN: BlueVPN+, connect your Android device to internet with a GPRS modem phone

The strangest party is that it worked fine including searches until today. But not so in your BB, once your deselect the apps, it removes your app. Is there a way of doing it? Looks like windows is way better then apple then. Michelle Ruthven February 13, at 8: But there is a big issue: BBM, email and sms during tethering however. I am writing this post using BlueVPN! Many thanks anyway – great to have an app that does exactly what is expected!!

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