Or is it progress? Callaway declined to comment on what it spent on this recent promotion. That’s mere pennies for avid golfers who are unwavering in their quest for the longer, straighter drive that might make a difference in their game. The very solid, amazingly consistent feel off the face — albeit accompanied by a rather dull sound — is probably its best feature, and in the right hands this translates to impressive yardage. The bottom line on this is that there are very, very few, if any, amateur players who pose any serious threat to the obsolescence of any golf course anywhere.

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There is another very interesting precedent, which I find quite significant.

Bajned involved concluded, though reluctantly, that the prospects for a small equipment company in the increasingly competitive golf industry were not promising. If a hot driver that Tiger can’t use draws thousands of golf because they can use it, is that bad? Instead, the various pieces of the Company were sold to different buyers.

People are physically stronger. Callaway President-CEO Ron Drapeau said the company, disappointed bwnned the decision, will take back any ERC II driver purchased by consumers during the promotion and replace it with any new, conforming driver from its current product line.

To say that the handicap system has always required that all posted rounds be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf is simply not true. The fundamental problem with our game is that it’s very technical and extremely difficult. In November banend, the USGA, with Palmer’s backing, implemented standards putting a limit on the spring-like “trampoline effect” of the ball coming off the face of a driver.


Outlawed driver boosts sales – Apr. 6,

When those players have gone on record about their disagreements about some rules, there hasn’t been a great hue and cry that they’re saying cheating is all right.

Jack Nicklaus even chided Palmer about the club recently at a news conference, with the discussion leading to which clubs they will use when they team up in April’s Legends of Golf event. At a time when the game is not growing, when there are more former golfers than active golfers, it seems clear to me that everyone who loves the game and wants to see it grow must support reasonable efforts to make the game more enjoyable, more fun.

On May 9, the two governing bodies agreed on a proposed compromise-the hot drivers could be used by recreational players in this country starting Jan. In a separate transaction, I entered into an endorsement caplaway with Callaway for their clubs and balls. We believe that the decision is fair and reasonable, and that is serves the best long term interest of the game. Ultimately, a decision was made to liquidate the company. Register to become a member today.

High-tech helps better players more than poor players. Now he is promoting a club aimed at them. We give you 15 yards.

I know Arnold is for what he truly believes. So it isn’t just the driver. And, finally, there are other reasons for this increased length beyond technological improvements in clubs. January 15, at But on this point there is no argument: But on a Saturday afternoon, at a municipal course, among friends?


Club ban stuns makers

It is critical that we do everything reasonably possible to make the game more enjoyable and more ‘user friendly’ for junior, women, and senior golfers.

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The average player doesn’t have the time or the resources to become a good or great player.

Callaway ERC Fusion Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

To me, and many others, it is clear that we need two sets of rules. What I’ve found with drivers is, yeah, it’s a trampoline effect that may make the ball go farther, but give the amateur a break. The goal of the handicap system has always been to have golfers post as many scores as possible, with much less concern about the posting of low scores ‘vanity handicaps’ than for the failure to post high scores ‘sandbagging’.