The screen is also free from a buzzing issue which some users noticed on the 27″ UHM and UH models in certain circumstances. Panel and Colour Depth. There is a round Dell logo at the top as shown above. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. This was not a linear relationship though.

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In theory, brightness and contrast are two independent parameters, and good contrast is a requirement regardless of the brightness adjustment.

Some screens do actually do that which allows for exaggerated laboratory testing and their resulting specs, but in the case of the U it was not turning the backlight off. Information about some of the main accessories included in the standard packaging of the current model.

Hovering your finger over any of them lights up the bottom button.

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This meant the screen should be perfectly fine even in darkened room conditions, and for those who like to run at a lower luminance setting. This is often referred to as “IPS glow”. It has a simple setting for on or off drll from within the ‘display settings’ section of the menu, and once enabled you cannot control the brightness setting manually. The colour temperature modes offered reasonable levels of accuracy overall with a maximum deviance from the target of only 7.

You may want to consider the fact that high resolution 27″ x models are becoming increasingly available and so the difference in ddell size is certainly noticeable coming from a 27″ screen like that.

Luminance was delo too high, but easy enough to adjust through the OSD menu.


We have already looked at the Color Calibration software in some detail de,l our Dell UH review v1. Diagonal Approximate diagonal size of the display.

We ddll come to learn that DCR figures are greatly exaggerated and what is useable in reality is often very different to what is written on paper or on a manufacturers website. LUT A LUT Look Up Table contains precalculated sets of values that are used to apply transformations to the input color data so that the resulting data meets certain the desired visual standard and color accuracy. When we then tried to alter the brightness setting manually we were presented with the above warning message.

Dell U Review – TFTCentral

There is some significant overshoot evident with transitions from dark to light shades, particularly when changing to white For the full reviews of the cell compared here and the dates they u4213 written and when screens were approximately released to the marketplease see our full reviews index.

The distinction really is between a higher end semi-professional use monitor U and now U and a more mainstream, multimedia orientated model UM. A pleasing result here from the U Was really surprised and disappointed that there was only analog inputs on here.

Dynamic contrast ratio involves del, the backlight of the screen automatically, depending on the content shown on the screen. All the buttons then light up in a white colour to show they are now available to use. At native resolution the text was very sharp as you can see from the top photograph.

24″ Dell UltraSharp U2413 – Specifications

The default setup of the screen was pretty good even in the standard mode, and the factory calibrated Adobe RGB and sRGB modes were even better, providing a more reliable gamma and white point setup which should produce a decent delo for office work. Since most users won’t have access to hardware colorimeter tools, it is important to understand how the screen is going to perform in terms of colour accuracy for the average user. Show less Show more. The response time is split from the overall display lag and shown on the graph as the green bar.


Our in depth article talks in more details about a common method used for this which is called Pulse Width Modulation PWM. In addition to this, they have tweaked gamma and grey-scale to help to ensure smooth gradients and an accurate initial setup.

Dell U2413 LED LCD Monitor

The personalize section allows you to change the quick launch keys if you wish. Default settings of the screen were as follows: An NEC branded and customised X-rite i1 Display 2 was used to validate the black depth and contrast ratios due to lower end limitations of the i1 Pro device.

Colour settings allows you to change a couple of settings relating dfll colour format and gamma, but perhaps more useful here is access to the preset colour modes.

There was a maximum of 2.

The Dell U utilises an LG.