AnywhereUSB is compatible with bulk or interrupt type USB devices such as bar code scanners, printers, fingerprint scanners, mice, pole displays as well as card readers. Each device is designed with a shielded, rugged enclosure. Includes mounting clips, screws, and instructions. To connect these devices to modern PCs, you need a simple and reliable conversion solution. Complete design details for making your own USB device. SimpleDAQ enables the acquisitions of analogue input signals using software or hardware clocks.

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Linux-Kernel Archive: PAPI vs. perf stat

This latest release in the AnywhereUSB family includes 14 USB ports, each of vt9812 is able to simultaneously connect to a separate host. The output frequency can be set from 1 Hz and to 1 MHz. What’s your job title?

In comparison to the commercially-available DAQ devices Table 1 this solution has some advantages and linus. Reliable and rugged enough for industrial applications, yet inexpensive enough for home projects, the USB is the linhx way to add measurement and control capability to any USB capable computer. The SimpleDAQ contains a preloaded program firmware that enables easy acquisition and the generation of analogue, digital signals, and data transfer between the device and the application running on a PC via USB.

Thank you for your review submission. Do you recommend this product? Microcontroller must be low-cost. This section contains a short hardware overview of developed DAQ device.


Compatible with both Windows and Mac, and with multifunction printer support, the devices are the ideal way to share the latest USB 2. Nowadays, very simple and low cost DAQ devices could be realised using microcontrollers with integrated analogue-to-digital converters ADC.

SimpleDAQ does not contain any analogue output as the used microcontroller does not include a digital-to-analogue converter DAC.

A Flexible Microcontroller-Based Data Acquisition Device

Coherent sampling and uniform distribution of the samples in this phase were achieved by setting the input frequency according to [ 26 ]:. AnywhereUSB is compatible with bulk or interrupt type USB devices such as bar code scanners, printers, linuz scanners, mice, pole displays as well as card readers.

This application board was developed especially for educational processes.

For an input sine wave of specified frequency and amplitude, the ENOB is the number dt8912 bits et9812 an ideal ADC for which the root-mean-square rms quantization linuux is equal to the rms noise and distortion of the ADC under test.

Integer number of input signal periods within the set sequence which is relatively prime to the M. Conclusions This paper presented a flexible, microcontroller-based DAQ device. Chat with one of our sales engineers. The DIP package is very useful for experimentation because it can be plugged directly into an experimental board breadboard.

When using the developed drivers, data acquisition and signal processing algorithms as well as graphical user interface GUIcan easily be developed using a well-known, industry proven, block oriented LabVIEW programming environment. For sharing USB peripherals like printers with 2 or 4 computers. For example, if an option RA0 digital input or output is selected the Pin direction and Initial value appear under the Additional settings section. The USB is a specialised low-cost unit that has no casing, and is intended for customers looking for basic functionality and is recommended linud students or trainees.


Open in a separate window. Switch wire may be st9812 to 1. Just plug in the module, then get the data. Tasks could include gaming, security or expanded functions for disabled users. We will send you an email when your review is posted. The code width of the SimpleDAQ chip is as follows:.

Low Cost DAQ Devices

The peripheral focus can be given to a computer manually by using pushbuttons on the switch, using the software-based configuration utility, or by the Auto Switch function. In [ 4 ] the authors present a microcontroller-based USB DAQ device for radiation detection and environmental monitoring purposes. Having trouble deciding which product is right for your application?

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