The main impact is for developers that link against the Gutenprint library. It also illustrates what a group of committed people can do. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. By , many of the printers being released had capabilities beyond what Gimp-Print 4. If I try to use colord for automatic conversion then the printing never starts hangs somewhere after leaving Gimp.

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Output that had been considered impressive with using six colors was put to shame by four color output. Truth is, even the native print driver on Windows is so much more trouble. This package is available in source form, and also in binary installer form for Macintosh OS X Selphy is quite simple dye-sub printer and there is only one paper available from Canon and it can print only 10×15 cm prints ok, more but they are smaller.

I stick with Relative Colorimetric. This is a way to use Gutenprint as a Ghostscript driver gutenpfint necessity of linhx and recompiling Ghostscript. The print result is extremely sensitive to what printer profile you pick. New as of May 20, !


PuppyLinux: Gutenprint

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Borderless selection, added in version 5.

We released the third release candidate in Maywith a tremendous number of bug fixes and improvements, and this finally felt like a real release candidate.

This plug-in provides a printing dialog for the GIMP to print images directly, and graphical controls to adjust the rich set of options of the Gutenprint drivers.

gutenprint package in Ubuntu

It gutenprnt became apparent that our ties to the GIMP had all but vanished by this point. The PCL, color laser, and Lexmark backends are currently unmaintained.

Every new kind of paper calls for a printer profile of its own — and the best profiles are those that you make yourself. It includes a number of internal changes, including more precise positioning and sizing. This package is available in source form, and in binary installer form for Macintosh OS X Color management with Turboprint pinux unclear for me.

New as of April 23, !

Gutenprint or Turboprint (Linux) – Software –

We continued to add more printers, dither algorithms, and so forth, all without breaking compatibility with the initial 4. The interim stable release was to become Gimp-Print 4. This was done in 4.


Perceptive seems to be more suitable. I also expected that we would be ready to release Gimp-Print 4.

New as of November 16, ! The Gutenprint project is honored to have been selected Sourceforge Project of the Month for November, Yes, upgrade is in plans but I need to have time for that.

You may install both Gimp-Print 4. That was not to be. What is your workflow for color management?


For your purpose, sRGB is great. We were fortunate that Roger Leigh joined the project shortly after the Gimp-Print 4. New as of May 2, ! We released Gimp-Print 5. In the end I find printing with gutenprint quite peculiar. So far for my Selphy, which is not good at shadows, Relative Colorimetric gives poor results.