Option Information Automatically specifies the printer driver option settings. Posted on Feb 01, Posted on Jan 02, Paper Tray Front Selects the input tray for the front cover. Click Admin Mode; under Administrator Password, type in the default password and click Login. Does not perform substitution. Various Settings Bind Direction You can specify the default binding position for duplex printing.

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Print multiple copies in sets. The printer driver is a program that controls the processing of data for output. The settings are registered in a library.

The installation of the printer driver starts. You can check the status of the hard disk of this machine. If a print job is sent whose settings are not specified, the settings specified here are used for printing. Click the Layout tab. Therefore, there are maac guarantees that the information on any particular printer model is correct.

Page of Go. The watermark is transparent. Double-Sided Print Select whether to perform duplex printing.



How can this be resolved. Layout Specifies the number of pages printed on one page. Specify only when setting from the NetWare server. Open Internet Explorer and type in the IP address of the cm embedded controller.

Button Function Click this button to close the mmac box and apply any settings that have been changed. Select the recipient or group where the fax is to be sent.

Malfuntion code c-5102 for oce imagistics cm2520

The Generic 25C-1 is equipped with an integrated printer controller that al- lows you to print directly from Windows-compatible computers or Macintosh computers. Item Description Current Password Enter the current password. Leave Connection Timeout and Port Number at the default setting. Page 78 – For NetWare c,2520.

Imagistics cm2520 User Manual

Page Troubleshooting 25C Front Cover Page Attaches a front cover page. The following sections provide an explanation for each of the headings in the printer tables provided in the above documents. Print jobs are specified from the application software.


Various Settings Symbol Set You can specify the font symbol set to use when no setting has been spec- ified from the printer driver.

Pages Specifies the print range to print. Print commands transmitted from the application are received by the printer driver. Depending on the status of this machine, you may not be able to log on to Administrator mode.

Select the frame type according to the imagisyics work environment. Imagistics im Imagistics im Imagistics im Rotated Rotates the paper. Click the [Admin Mode] button. Reminder If the installed options on this machine are not set from the Installable Op- tions screen, the option function cannot be used with the printer driver.

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