Just found my post from Feb Out of interest Chris my club now run Gaugemaster on our layouts with wireless hand sets. Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection. It is unknown at this point in time if we can control either an Elite or a Select using one of the other interfaces. Does it never end. I found it easier to use the link that Robert gave earlier.

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Feb 18, 5. The XpressNet protocol allows the DCC manufacturers that use it to select what functionality they wish to provide in their command stations. The Compact is not available in North America. The unit features a built in USB port, but it is unknown at this time how we can utilize it. If you have an old lappy you can stick win7 32 bit on it will run ok I think and the loading should be straight forward or use the 64 bit drivers I picked up, a bit more tricksy but do-able.

After upgrade to 8.1 Lenz LI USB Driver has been disabled and cannot be found

Hi Colin – it’s not too difficult to install unsigned drivers if that is your only option. At the time I was trying to set this up I could find no trace of win10 drivers on the Lenz site and as I said I did get the FTDI drivers to work but again a windows update dumped them and would not allow me to reload them.


Finally my PC got up to speed! Shame to see good hardware go obsolete due to a PC windowx Paul.

Jun 8, 9. Thanks Ian, I think the Newts leg worked.

After upgrade to Lenz LI USB Driver has been disabled and cannot – Microsoft Community

This feedback comes through the use of S88 compatible feedback modules. I’ll also look into the arduino S88 board and the way the wind is blowing. Feb 18, 3. Jun 11, I did however find a set of drivers for 64 bit systems here http: And shunting – I still like the dial for shunting – don’t have to look down. These ports can be used to connect one of the supported XpressNet computer interfaces, but it is unknown at this point what, if any, limitations exist when using this connection.

I upgraded yesterday and the driver for the USB interface has disappeared You must log in or sign lrnz to reply here. Reasons for your score: This device does not require an XpressNet connection.

Would the Ethernet version be a better bet Colin? The Roco LocoMaus 2 Roco Part number has been shown to support operating equipment on a layout running trains and throwing switches li-sub well as programming locomotives on the programming track.

I’ve heard an extra eye of bat or leg of newt works for some people Colin You cannot program decoders from a computer using the XPA, regardless of which system you have.


Time for a windpws of Tea and a lie down now.

Lenz Elektronik Li Usb E We have Lenz at the club and can’t get it to work with a PC link so we looked into it and isn’t supported on the LH set as it’s way to old 20years plus been sent back to Lenz for update years ago but even the up date version we have is too old and doesn’t support.

However the USB interface works fine: I have a LH and a LH I now know it’s easy to tell which is which – the price. Thanks and congratulations to all who contributed! Any adapter s present will reply with their NetBios name, which can then be selected. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

The intention here was for the PC to connect via the USB interface, and the LAN to connect to a wireless router of your choice, which then allows you to use a smart phone with suitable app to act as a wireless throttle to the Lenz system. Jun 18,