The two libraries that allow a Wixel to appear to the computer as a USB virtual COM port have a total of lines of code, which you can see in usb. The device you are describing would have to receive and act on various serial commands that affect the state of the USB end, such as a command to send a reset signal on the port, a command to tell the USB device to go into a particular configuration, or a command to read or write data from a particular endpoint. Now I better understand why there are no such converters existing. You can also copy LEDs. After a lot of research and experimenting I can now answer my own question Apparently it is impossible to use a USB serial adapter without having an operating system at the USB end where the drivers can be installed.

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I will first check that the serial link is correctly working with a loopback test. I cannot give you too much guidance on what you are doing but, you might want to consider using a MAX chip or a serial adapter like our Pololu a Serial Adapter.

The following links point to third-party ports of the LUFA codebase to other architectures than those targeted by the official release.

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LUFA (2013)

This can be done on a uC entirely in software — the V-USB library for atmel microcontrollers allows almost adpater atmel micro to communicate via usb. If you are looking for this file, on my pc it is located at C: Now I better understand why there are no such converters existing.

Sending data from a microcontroller is a pretty qdapter requirement in a lot of the lua I work on. If you push the Enter key, the Carriage-Return character will be sent and when received back the cursor will move back to the start of the line.


I got this usb rs converter and I was wondering if somebody knows if it is possible to wdapter this or any adzpter usb rs converter without using the drivers. If you enjoy my work, please consider a small donation to help my future open source efforts by clicking the image below: What I wanted the LUFA library to do was pretty specific — the atmega16u2 should show up as a virtual serial port so that the computer can connect and read data from it like any other serial port.

An endpoint is a stream of data packets with an ID number and some properties. I will look into that. Here are some pics of the board: LUFA is free to use – even for commerical purposes, subject to the MIT license restrictions see project documentation.

USB ports are a lot more common than serial ports these days, so when people talk about a USB-to-serial adapter they are usually in the opposite situation from what you describe: By default the EM output serial data at bauds.

LUFA is being used all over the world, in many applications – adaptrr free and commercial.

This has the advantage of involving very little code aadpter for both the uC and the computer. As far as I have been able to find out this is not possible, since the USB end need drivers the scale has no operating system or driversis that correct?

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LUFA Library: Serial USART Peripheral Driver (AVR8)

The converter I got has a FTDI chip and it does have drivers included, but I want to use it without the drivers because I plan to connect it to an Arduino and a serial printer, and not a computer, so there is no operating system for the drivers. You need a driver of some kind to talk to any USB device, or else the USB host will not know the meaning of the endpoints and interfaces provided by the device.


Blog Flickr Resources GitHub. One is the software-only V-USB project fourwalledcubicle. I still have to modify the makefile to select the correct MCU and clock speed: Here are some pics of the board:.

Thanks a lot for the explanation Lura. You can also copy LEDs. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I have concluded so far. Adapting the LUFA library for the Teensy target In my previous post I directly modified the original demo code to fit the target board.

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The two libraries that allow a Wixel to appear to the computer as a USB virtual COM port have a total of lines of code, which you can see in usb.

For examples of what is required on the device end source code includedthere are two open source projects for AVR processors that I know of. The library is currently in a stable release, suitable for download and incorporation into user projects for both usb-sr232 and device modes.

Thanks usv-rs232 the information DavidEGrayson.