Hi everybody, I not work in physics but interested in flyback circuit. Hello I am an engineer working in the maintenance of machines for laser I want to know if you have a high-volt flybacks transformer, such as in the image it is used in 80w laeer power supply How much is the price Please reply as soon as the maximum. The tank freq is kHz and tank voltage is around v. Thanks Mads, That is very true about Facebook, and I Study the way the mosfet current interacts on the scope with the Drain Source voltage and you should observe Switching at low volts meaning low switching losses. I have actually tried several different drivers to drive a high-voltage flyback Transformer with no luck.

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Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

October 21, at Now you can substitute the idiot resistor for a buck convertor that has current limiting and preferably mazzilpi start. One more thing, is the large MMC vital? Parasitics can and do mean increased power dissipation and increased voltage peaks.

Could you measure the inverter voltage, inverter current and tank current like I did on the induction heater?

September 10, at I was wondering what the difference is between the irfppbf and the irfppbf-nd? Any ideas on making a 12 volt, lower power more primary turns that will give a good spark but far less, non-lethal, current unit?


I do not think there is too much of a difference between them but just though I would double check. It was well worth it to rebuild this driver. Are the fets dieing from to much current?

January 20, at This is why it might oscillate, but not conduct any current worth mentioning. Hey Sieu There are much better circuits to build if you want over current protection, f.

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Do you use active cooling for the transformer? But since I upped the input voltage to volts I made a few changes. Which pin in the gate, drain and source? If you want to go crazy, some additional protection might come handy.

I do not think your environment is the problem.

mosfet – Troubleshooting ZVS flyback failure – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

I was looking for a more stable and efficient system in the Mazilli setup. Remember that the switches in a ZVS driver sees pi 3,14 x supply voltage. Post as a guest Name. Hey Dylan If it is possible, try to use a primary coil with a larger gauge, or parallel some more magnet wire to have a lower resistance and lessen skin effect.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

On the HF design, I was running Ohms resitors mzazilli 15V supply, made of 4x r 1w in parallel, per gate. So it will need more voltage to runs at higher amperage 30amp max with 24 volt input.


It mazizlli need more than a couple of amps from 24 volts with no load so you talking about dozens of amps from a volt supply means you are doing something fundamentally wrong.

I scrapped it and would instead build a whole other driver topology for higher power. November 15, at Then roll the sheet around the tube for 2 times then tape the mszzilli together. Your email address will not be published.

When I winding the primary coil in tube-shaped, the induction heating is ok. Near the battery is a inductor i want to use for the driver, will it work?

Normal 1A ultrafast diodes are OK. Which means, possibly polypropilene, or anything similar. Make sure to have thick wire mazzilll the primary coil. November 4, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.