Be sure to compare the two video cards that they are the same slot type. I’m trying to build a computer out of spare parts for a little girl in a very needy family and, if this video card can ultimately be used, that would be great. During 3D programs the computer just freezes entirely, or blue screens. This must not be Kansas anymore, Toto. The card came out of a defunct Dell Dimension computer and I have not been able to find any URL link for the driver s.

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Oct 26, Try this with the video driver uninstalled lets see if you have the correct driver. User Name Remember Me?

Try option 2 and download the display driver only. Photos from the Pit – Concert Photography. Plug it in to your Motherboard slot your vdieo card came from.

Mac OS X Computer powers off in sleep mode Card is this https: What should I do on this? Device manager will tell your Video card model under display devices.


What card is this…

Unless you have another PSU and or video card to try it is possible your Motherboard is downgrading. Use Window’s Custom update site for your drivers, or manually install them from the manufacturer.

I ,s-v049 that the mystery is solved. I would also suggest running memtest86 and see if you have a bad memory stick.

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This must not be Kansas anymore, Toto. Check your fans and paste, re seat your CPU. Best, Mike Magic is a vanishing Art.

Might even be another hardware issue. Reboot and let Windows XP pick up the device and load your drivers.

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Ms V049 Ver 1.0 Driver Download

What card is this Magic is a vanishing Art. Thanks a lot in advance for any help in this regard. Oct 27, Vireo has to be another name that it goes under. Googling these two numbers lead me to a number of sites that then listed a ” CN ” number that apparently is a Dell number.


Drivers Download: Ms V Video Card Driver Windows 8

I’m thinking AGP slot 8X. If you have on board video It is disabled by default. Hopefully, the only remaining question is whether or not this “Dell” video card can be used in a non-Dell computer.

Try another card if you have one to try. Vista Home premium My System. Well I’ve actually got the entire driver set removed, as it’s that stupid ATi Catalyst Control Center, which it’s either all-or-nothing, and apparently also a matter of the driver itself being a problem too, now without the driver though, my 3D games won’t work as it says ‘No DirectX Compatible Hardware Detected’.