For the original German review, see here. Sadly, the difference in performance is not awe-inspiring. The SteelSeries keyboard in our test model can be found in many other notebooks. Although the watt power adapter of our model should provide sufficient power, the laptop battery slowly bleeds out during the stress test. Octane V2 – Total Score sort by value. The notebook displays the typical weak points: In our practical WLAN test, we measured a run time of 3:

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MSI PT 8 Neo MS 6799 Ver 1 Socket 478 ATX Motherboard

Once again, the GLJW is quieter The laptop would have benefited from an IPS panel, which is not unrealistic, considering the price of the test model.

The CPU operates at a base clock speed of 2. MSI has provided two video output interfaces for this laptop.

It is a simple procedure: Under load, the GE72 stops after 1: The GE72 is equipped with a matte The hinges are very solid and hold the panel securely in position. Once finished, you can separate the panel from the laptop with a little force.


MSI GE72 (GTX 960M) Notebook Review

The Witcher 3 However, the latter does not operate at maximum performance and offers lower power consumption and emissions. In our practical WLAN test, we measured a run time of 3: In fact, our test model is about as fast as it gets.

The GE72 has two fans, which run even while idling. The keyboard is particularly good and provides an enjoyable typing experience. Headphones, Microphone Jack, Card Reader: Mei the original German review, see here.

MSI P Neo-FIS2R – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iP Overview – CNET

However, if the user needs to save on battery or carry out everyday tasks, such as surfing the web or using office programs, the Intel IGP kicks in. Gaming Haswell Laptop Windows. The display has a clear blue tinge, which can be improved considerably with calibration.

If we try to run it on battery, the laptop shuts off by itself. Overall, the keyboard provides a good typing experience.

Overall, MSI offers a good package for gamers. Etherner has not provided a maintenance hatch for the GE On the other hand, the GE72 offers higher frame rates. The notebook displays the typical weak points: CPU Multi 64Bit sort by value. While typing, the keyboard bends very easily under the fingers, but this did not cause any problems. These offer a short stroke distance with an audible and tangible pressure point. The workmanship of this model is good and leaves little room for complaint.


The run time under load is calculated using the Battery Eater Classic test. This CPU from the Haswell generation offers a good balance between price, performance and power consumption. The GE72 is not very quiet but it is not excessively loud.

Drivers For Free – Msi Intel Socket p Neo Fis2r Ms Network Drivers

During the stress test, the noise emission hit 47 dB A. CPU Single 64Bit sort by value. Viewing angles of the GE