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You drive by a lot and I keep looking out the window to see if you would stop in again, PLEASE DO. I'm Want Someone Who Like It So Much They Call Me in Advance lol.

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What kind of dog do you have? Is is right to keep animals in a zoo? Does feeding an animal bring you happiness?

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How about websites for people who are against animal rights? Have you ever had a pet?

Have you ever gambled on a horse race? Have you been stung by a bee? And no mather how many months are in-between, they greet us like old friends. We have internet connections and sell phone cards.

For example, some time ago we drove around the port with our van, to pick up people from their ships, when we noticed a small group of people enthusiastically waving at us. Do you ever talk to your pet?

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Was it intentional or unintentional? Do you ever go bird watching?

Would you go on a safari? What are some popular pets? What kind of pet would you like to have in the future? Are there birds or squirrels in your neighborhood?

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Have you ever been on a farm? Do you know anyone who has a horse?

What do you feed it? Have you ever been bitten by a snake?

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They just want to leave their ships for a short while, contact their loved ones at home, and forget their loneliness for a while. Explain why.

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Have you eaten octopus? How many pets have you had? What animals do you think are ugly?

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Some may think we are merely a cafe, when, in fact this is not our core activity. If so, what's your dog's name?

Would you recommend that others keep pets similar to yours? Do you think animals have souls? Do you have a pet?

Do you talk to your pet sometimes? Why do some people not like pets? How do you deal with those problems?

But we would much rather call on every ship and invite her crew to come and us. This could be increased, Erik Verhoef told us.

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Are you frightened of spiders? If you could be an animal, what would you choose to be? What is a safari? Which animal? If not, would you like to have a pet?

What animal would you like to be? How do you feel about the use of animals for medical research? Everything with a long shelf life, such as cheese and dried sausage, was bought and loaded into the cht.

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Are there laws about hunting in your country? What breeds can you name?

Do you think it's okay to free animals that have been in captivity all their lives? What animals do you think is the most dangerous? We thougt they wanted to us for a game of cards at the club.

Bloggen of non-blogging journalist? Neem een kijkje hieronder; het kan je verder helpen. Natuurlijk kan je ook een chat starten met Davy, Mike of Joppe! Compare hotel prices and find an amazing price for the 6 Pers 4Sterren Bungalow Op Familiepark Le Chat House / Apartment in Écuras. View 0 photos and. Featuring a spa bath, Gîte du Chat botté 4 pers Zoo de Beauval Châteaux de La Loire is set in Choussy. The accommodation is miles from Saint-Aignan.

What animal do you think is the cutest?