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Total discussion time during and after your talk should last about 5—10 minutes. In less technical terms, it shouldn't rhyme with Hal or pal - it should sound more like hall or Paul.

So what kind of name is Lal? Language and Linguistics Compass 12 7 :e Keep the talk brief—no more than 15—20 minutes.

Nope, that's it. Much less interesting, but sometimes exotified in pronunciation.

What about your last name? Total time for your slot must not exceed 25 minutes.

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Is that short for anything? Transgender voices: Insights on identity, embodiment, and the gender of the voice.

Talk Guidelines To make your talk accessible and engaging to the largest audience possible, and to keep the sznta a reasonable length, we ask that you follow the following guidelines: Introduce the topic for a general audience so that students and others not in your field can understand your talk. Java chat uk, Lal Working with transgender communities.

Upcoming events: OctoberI will be at NWAV at the University of Oregon with two contributions: "Normativity in normalization: Methodological challenges in the analysis of vowels among non-binary speakers, " a co-authored talk with deandre miles-hercules.

It's just like Zimmerman without the 'er'. Expect to be interrupted.

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New York: Routledge. The panel is entitled "Queer and Trans Digital Modalities.

No front vowels, please.